To secure yourself financially it is incredibly important to save for your retirement during your working life. Ian can assist you with all your superannuation needs:
- Employer contributions
- Self managed superannuation
- Spouse contributions
- Asset allocation and risk profile
- Personal contributions and salary sacrifice
- Lost superannuation
- Government Co-contribution


Whether you are buying your first parcel of shares or have a well diversified portfolio, we specialise in providing advice around:
- Managed Funds
- Direct Investments
- Term Deposits
- Gearing
- Dollar Cost Averaging
- Diversification
- Negative gearing


Moving to retirement is an exciting time. If you find yourself asking will I have enough to retire? Is my investment strategy appropriate? or how do I ease in to retirement? We can help you with:
- Transition to Retirement
- Retirement Income
- Defined Benefits
- Lump Sum Payments
- Pension advice

Estate Planning

You spend a lot of time in your working life accumulating assets. It makes sense then to spend some time on planning on how your hard earned assets will be distributed when you die.

We understand that estate planning can be a very emotive topic and we will help guide you through the process to ensure your estate plan is in line with your wishes. We can help with:
- Your Beneficiaries
- Trusts
- Business Succession Planning


Part of our service group are Kemp and Partners.

From individual tax returns to comprehensive business taxation, they have a highly skilled and up-to-date team that deliver the right taxation advice, in a manner that you can understand.

Follow the link for more information.

Kemp and Partners


In the event of something going wrong in your life, the last thing you want to worry about is money.

We specialise in informing our clients on insurance across a wide variety of products:
- Life Insurance
- Income Protection Insurance
- Trauma cover
- Disability Insurance
- Business Insurance